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JDavy.net (formerly JDavy.com) is a collection of images of the male physique taken over the past 32 years by photographer J. Davy Kirkpatrick. Davy's subjects are aesthetically sculpted men ranging the gamut of body types from recreational athletes to professional bodybuilders. Although Davy's models are often of Asian or Pacific Islander extraction, a wide range of ethnic groups is represented.

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Among the noteworthy models whose images you'll find on the site are Alvin Viernes, Peter Le, Clayton Tait Johnson, Nyle Nayga, Tuan Tran, Gavin Chen, and Stan McQuay.


The full site contains 11,082 different photos presented in 854 galleries. Please see the "Recent Updates" and "Preview" tabs above for examples. The site is updated at least once each month, and a subscription can be purchased under the "Join Now!" tab above.


Latest Updates to the Members' Areas


Tait: Galleries #33 and #34.

May 17, 2020: Tait soaks up some Hawaiian sun in this latest update.


Alvin: Galleries #32, #33, and #34.

May 2, 2020: Alvin poses in white against a rugged California backdrop (Part 2 of 2).


Peter: Galleries #134, #135, and #136.

April 20, 2020: It's Death Valley in the summer and Peter is getting hot...