Overview of the Site

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JDavy.net (formerly JDavy.com) showcases photography taken by me over the past 33 years. Subjects include landscapes, the night sky, aesthetically sculpted men, or mixes of all three. I've worked in film and digital formats, and in optical and infrared wavelengths for both media.

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The site's photo sampler illustrates some of my scenic photography, mostly from sites in the American Southwest or Hawaii, and includes landscapes, skyscapes, flowers, insects, nature's interesting patterns, or anything else that catches my eye.

The site also contains a collection of my male physique photography. Although I lean toward models of Asian and Pacific Islander extraction, I'm happy shooting any fit male interested in creating some art.


A Bit of History

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I developed this site in 1998 as a way to showcase my photography to new clients. In 2006, I morphed it into a subscription service and uploaded new physique pix monthly. When I took the subscription service down in November 2021, there were 899 galleries with 11,817 different photos. Just a small subset of those are shown here now, but they cover the full extent of my physique photography, from my first photos in 1988 to the present day. I've been lucky to shoot many wonderful gentlemen over the decades, and I hope I have many more excellent models in front of my camera in the years ahead, too!

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My revamped site now shows non-physique photography for the first time. Regardless of whether you were drawn to my site by the scenics or by the guys, I hope you enjoy the imagery presented. Have fun!