About the Artist

Early Days

My photography career essentially began on February 13, 1988, when I shot a grad school friend who was a long-distance runner and interested in modeling. Both of us liked the results, and that emboldened me to start asking various other athletes - other runners, cyclists, and bodybuilders - if they'd be willing to pose for my camera, too. Things snowballed (in a good way) from there. I spent my early days shooting in southern Arizona, but my photography career really took off once I moved west to Los Angeles in late 1994.

Los Angeles

The huge population of LA combined with the constant influx of models, bodybuilders, and actors makes this an ideal place to find new subjects. As the movie studios have known for ages, there are lots of great backdrops here, too.


A few hours' drive in almost any direction has other rewards -- sandstone formations, ghost towns, pine forests, etc. There's nothing quite like shooting a model in the middle of a dry lake bed at 131o F (55o C)!


Sometime around early 1997 my other job began sending me occasionally to the Big Island of Hawaii. The rawness and beauty of the Big Island make for a unique set of landscapes that I was eager to use for my artwork, so I soon began flying models over with me on trips there.


By necessity or by the desire to have a more controlled lighting situation, the photography sometimes moves indoors. Over the years I've come to enjoy the studio work as much as the outdoor shoots.


I've shot for various fitness and bodybuilding magazines, calendars, websites, advertisements, books, and modeling portfolios. One day I hope to produce a coffee table book if I can capture the eye of the right publisher.

Astro Themes

Photography is just a sidelight for me, though. A few times above I've mentioned my other job - the one that pays the bills. I'm a research astronomer probably best known for my work on the identification and spectroscopic classification of low mass stars and brown dwarfs, particularly spectral types L, T, and Y.