Animated Gifs and Stories

Public Puzzle

I try to have fun with my photography and look for ways to be creative with the images that the models and I have captured. As a result, not all of the galleries on this site are sets of static images. Occasionally, I like to incorporate animated gifs that convey an idea, a quick story, or even some silliness - like the gif in which Peter's body turns into a marble statue before his head topples off. (The example shown here is a bit more revealing on the members' side of the site.)

Alvin in Pool

Sometimes, I liven things up a bit by employing the Ken Burns effect. This can force the viewer to pay attention to parts of the photograph that may otherwise go unnoticed.

Alvin in Cape

For models who consent, I may take video of our shoots using a vantage point different from the one I'm viewing as the photographer. This allows for some shots not possible with the regular photos, such as this example, in which a gust of wind reveals that our superhero's suit is somewhat incomplete.

Alvin in Pool

At other times, I may use several galleries to tell a long, fanciful story inspired by the images themselves. Even in galleries that you might otherwise think are sets of static images only, I may hide an Easter egg or two.